Join us for a webinar!

Join McElroy University Trainer Anthony Alvarez and Sales Channel Manager Jeff Turner on June 9 as they discuss the evolution of the Acrobat™ QuikFit® EP2800Q S2 HPU and how that evolution will positively impact McElroy’s distributors, representatives, and end users in the field.

The EP2800Q S2 is one of McElroy’s newest additions. This HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) is compatible with McElroy Acrobat 355/400, 450/500, and 560/630 fusion machines that utilize the QuikFit carriage.

Designed with productivity in mind, the HPU incorporates outlets for both the heater and facer for the fusion machine. This allows the entire fusion machine to draw power from a single source for easy jobsite setup. The EP2800Q Series 2 is compatible with the McElroy DataLogger® to record and document key parameters of the fusion process.