Original TracStar Fusion Machine Improved

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. (MMI) has recently redesigned and improved the fusion machine that revolutionized the industry of polyethylene pipe fusion. The new TracStar 500 Series II Fusion Machine adds strength and versatility to the original TracStar 500.

In 1997 MMI unveiled the world’s first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain hydraulic fusion machine — the TracStar 500. The mobility of the track system, removable jaw assembly and elimination of a third party generator are features the operators of fusion equipment loved.

After the success of the original TracStar 500, MMI implemented the improvements to an entire fusion line but had no idea the improvements would spark a record for fusion sales. The TracStar 500 Series II has been beefed up including an all steel carriage skid weldment to support the beefed up jaws that now accommodate true 20″ PE. These features, along with the option of the Coach System with data logger capabilities or McElroy conventional hydraulic controls make the new Series II the most versatile fusion machine in the world.

“The redesign of the TracStar 500 series II makes a bold statement about McElroy’s commitment to our customers who are inspired about the entire TracStar line,” said MMI Product Manager Chris Greggs. “We’ve expanded the capabilities of our fusion equipment and the Series II is well positioned as the crown jewel in the line of fusion equipment that continues to be unmatched anywhere in the world.”