Backup and Manually Reinstall DataLogger® Software

How to remove your DataLogger software (including all joint reports, and user information) and restore it to factory settings.


  1. Insert a USB drive in the USB port on the side of the tablet (side with hard buttons).

(This is where you will store the backup data if any issues during the update process occur.)

On the confirmation dialog box, tap “OK” to allow the DataLogger app access to the USB drive.

  • Launch the DataLogger app from the home screen and select Settings from the main menu. Then select System > Backup Data.
  • A dialog box will confirm the backup of all data to the USB drive. Select “yes” to continue.
  • A second dialog box will appear to indicate if the backup was successful. Tap “OK” and remove the USB drive and save files should any issues occur.


  1. From the home screen of the tablet, locate the DataLogger app by swiping up (to see all installed apps) or by swiping to the left or right.
  • Once the app has been located, tap and hold to display the “app info.”
  • Select “uninstall” from the app info menu.
  • A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm the app deletion. Select “OK” to continue.


  1. Open the Chrome browser from the DataLogger tablet. Enter this URL exactly to download:
  • The download will initiate immediately and once completed the download dialog will have an option to “open.”
  • The file (dl7.apk) can also be found and opened from the “Downloads” screen. Once opened, a dialog will appear to prompt the installation of the app. Tap “done” in the dialog box confirming installation.
  • Return to the tablet home screen. Find the DataLogger application on the screen and press/hold and drag to the first home screen to create a shortcut.
  • Insert the same USB drive (with the backup saved) into the side of the tablet.
    • On app launch, tap “allow” on the system generated prompts.
  • From the main DataLogger app menu, select Settings > System > then select “Restore data.”
  • Select “Yes” from the confirmation dialog box to restore all data. The last dialog will indicate if the restore was successful and will prompt removal of the USB drive.