Recording a Manual Fusion with the DataLogger®

Documenting operator and machine information, material details, standards used, and GPS locations of a manual fusion is all possible with the DataLogger.

1. Choose your fusion machine during the job setup process.

The software will adapt the recording process based on your machine selection.

2. Choose Fusion Type and Standard used.

3. Capture setup photos, document jobsite conditions, pipe details and heater temperature.

3. Review details.

4. Begin fusion.

The DataLogger will record all important details, but will not capture any pressures or time.

5. Once the fusion is complete, push “Done.”

6. Add any notes and photos related to the joint and “Save.”

Manual fusions will be included in your list of joint reports helping to capture the data of your entire fusion job. They can then be uploaded to the Vault™ for storage, sharing and analysis.