Hotspotting with a McElroy DataLogger®

Having a DataLogger® connected to the internet can help streamline the fusion process, allowing for faster review of logged joints and the ability to download and install updates on-site. But wireless internet isn’t always available on job sites, especially in remote areas.

For that reason, McElroy’s DataLogger is compatible with mobile hotspots, which can be configured on many cellphones.

How to hotspot a DataLogger:

  • Prepare your Mobile Device to Hotspot
    • iPhone:
      • Go to Settings and select “Personal Hotspot”
      • Enable “Allow Others to Join”
        • Note: You may choose and input a password for the network. Only those with the password will be able to connect to the hotspot.
    • Android:
      • Go to Settings and select “Network and Internet”
      • Select “Hotspot & Tethering”
      • Select “Wi-Fi hotspot”
      • Toggle to the “On” position
        • To see the hotspot password, select the “Hotspot password” option

Connecting your DataLogger

  • On the DataLogger home screen, swipe down from the top to access the wifi settings
  • Press the wifi icon to access the network menu
  • Select your mobile device and enter the password displayed on your phone

You should now be able to upload joint reports or download software updates.

Pro Tips:

  • If a DataLogger is not connecting to a network, check the date and time on the tablet. Many networks provide a security feature that will reject a connection if the date and/or time on the connecting device are significantly different than the network’s date and/or time.
  • To change the date and/or time on a DataLogger, first access the “Settings” menu from the home screen, then select “System.” There are two time and date settings available: automatic, or manual. To manually set the time and date, turn off the automatic time and date settings by pressing the toggle, then manually enter the time and date.