Quickly determine fusion pressure with McCalc® calculator

Don’t leave your fusions to chance. Quickly and easily determine the correct fusion pressure, temperatures, and time for your job using McElroy’s free McCalc® Fusion Pressure Calculator, available as a mobile app and online.

The mobile app is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store for Android, and the Amazon Appstore for Android.

To use the online tool or mobile app, first determine whether you are calculating fusion pressure for PE Butt Fusion, PP Socket Fusion, or PP Butt Fusion. The McCalc is compatible with all three.

Then, choose the machine being used, the specification you are fusing to meet, pipe size, wall thickness, the interfacial pressure, and drag pressure.

From there, the app or online tool will determine bead up time, heat soak time, bead size, fuse/cool time, open/close time, and the appropriate heater temperature.

If you’d prefer a physical fusion calculator, McElroy also offers a Sliding Fusion Pressure Calculator, which can be ordered from our website. This allows operators to quickly determine the proper fusion gauge pressure without complicated equations.