iSeries makes drag pressure calculations a breeze

McElroy’s TracStar® iSeries makes setting drag pressure as easy as the press of a button.

Since its introduction, the iSeries has come to be known as a jobsite workhorse that maximizes efficiency and accuracy with each fusion joint.

Calculating drag pressure with an iSeries is literally done at the press of a button. Once the sequence is begun using the iSeries tablet, the fusion machine initiates movement on its own.

The fusion machine locates its meet point, determining where the pipe ends are. It then backs up from a specified distance, then performs the final drag calculations.

At that point, the iSeries takes those calculations and factors them in with the other fusion parameters, including the diameter of pipe being used, the SDR, and which fusion standard is being applied to this fusion. All hydraulic valves are then set to the appropriate settings.

This short video shows the process in action: