McElroy is now an authorized Juniper Service Center

Your DataLogger® is one of the hardest-working pieces of technology on the job. And when it goes down, it’s critical to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

To cut down on repair time, McElroy has taken steps to become an authorized service center for Juniper, the manufacturer of the DataLogger 7 tablet. Effective immediately, all DataLogger repairs will take place in-house by McElroy staff.

“McElroy has made a considerable investment in its facility, its people, and its inventory to be able to become a service center,” said Technical Support Supervisor Jesse Smith.

Previously, tablets that needed repairs were sent to Salt Lake City, then shipped back to McElroy in a process that in some cases took more than a week to complete. Being able to offer tablet repairs in-house speeds up the repair process by roughly ten days, Smith added.

As an authorized service center, McElroy will also have all necessary repair components on-hand, eliminating the time spent waiting for a part to arrive in the mail.

To become an authorized Juniper service center, six McElroy staff underwent a week-long training course presented by Juniper. This ensured that McElroy personnel were able to perform the same quality of repair work that a customer would receive at Juniper’s repair center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Customers and distributors do not need to do anything differently, Smith said, when it comes to getting the DataLogger tablets to McElroy. All accounting related to the repairs, including warranty filing and billing, will be the same as well.