Tech Tip: McCalc® Fusion Pressure Calculator

Are you familiar with our McCalc® Fusion Pressure Calculator? It puts the capability of finding the right fusion pressure for your job right at your fingertips.  To properly fuse pipe the fusion pressure must be adjusted so the pipe manufacturers recommended interfacial pressure is achieved.

You can calculate your fusion pressure three ways.  Our online calculator tool has a guide that breaks down each step.  You can also download the Fusion Pressure Calculator App for your mobile device or order a sliding calculator.  When entering your job information into the calculator, you’ll have the option to select PE Butt Fusion, PP Socket Fusion or PP Butt Fusion. Make sure you are on the proper fusing process before proceeding.

Once you select your fusion type, then you’ll enter your machine and pipe information into the remaining fields. You will then see the display outlining the fuse pressure, minimum bead, heater temperature and the amount of time for each cycle.