Fusion training to meet your needs in challenging times

McElroy University has come up with some unique ways to make it easier get the fusion training you need in today’s disruptive and ever-changing world. Here’s a look at some of the training you may not know about as well as the latest and future training plans in the works:

Operator Qualification (OQ) – Last year, McU introduced a new format that allows students to take the classroom portion of their training online, saving you both time and money. This continues to be offered in three bundles for $25 each — Polyethylene, Polypropylene and DataLogger® — and has been very well received.

If you need to renew your qualification, we’ve made that more efficient too by making it available at a lower cost with less time away from field. You may have noticed that we have modularized our OQ specializations to best fit your specific needs. Operators can be qualified in SKT (socket), SDW (Sidewall), MAN (manual), MID (medium hydraulic), HP (hand pump), LRG (large hydraulic) DL (DataLogger®), and most recently, TAL (Talon™) and LT (LineTamer®).

Head to our online learning portal to register and learn more about our offerings at McU.


Inspector Qualification — By the end of the year, the Inspector Qualification class will be available in a 100% online, self-paced format. The curriculum has been refreshed and enhanced with new content for a completely new experience. Like the OQ courses, the Inspector Qualification specializations will be modularized with the addition of electrofusion and hot tap to be released next year. While this training is specific to polyethylene pipe, a polypropylene version is on the roadmap.

Please note that previous hands-on fusion experience is highly recommended for the Inspector Qualification training and it helps to have already taken an OQ class.

For more information on what’s ahead for the coming year including improvements to our Troubleshooting/Rebuild classes, listen to Paul Brodsky, Manager of McElroy University, who presented at our virtual INFUSION20 conference.

INFUSION20: McElroy University Update