Product spotlight — Get it right the first time with the McElroy Hornet™

McElroy Hornet

Performing outlet fusions by hand is not that easy. Some may try, but many fail. Fortunately, if you are experiencing leaks in poorly executed saddle fusions done by hand, you are in luck with the McElroy Hornet. The Hornet is a lifesaver on repair jobs, but if you would rather have precise outlet fusions the first time, the Hornet is your best choice for quick, accurate outlet fusion.

The Hornet is an industry-first, all-in-one tool for polypropylene outlet fusion. It brings an innovative alternative to manual outlet fusion methods that is more productive, repeatable and reliable than ever before. A patent-pending design allows the Hornet to self-align on the center of the pipe while a guided carriage facilitates the drilling of the outlet hole and fusion of the fitting — keeping everything perfectly aligned without repositioning the machine.

Two models are available: the Hornet for 20mm to 63mm pipe and the Hornet XL for 63mm to 160mm outlets on mains up to 630mm. These tools cover a broad range of fusion capabilities and can perform in any orientation — making them ideal for overhead and vertical fusions in tight spaces. Each work with existing McElroy socket heaters and fusion outlet adapters for polypropylene pipe.


Anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance

Quick-change drill and fitting adapter for efficient fusions

Rack-and-pinion drive for smooth operation

Self-centering base design ensures fusion operations align on center of pipe

Integrated ratchet strap/chain clamp allows operation across wide range of pipe sizes

Lightweight and compact

Three-position carriage lock