Android 11 now available for DataLogger®

Keeping your DataLogger® updated is critical to continue to receive the latest products, bug fixes, and features.

DataLogger v.135 and Android 11 Updates & Support

DataLogger v.135 is now available for all devices. This update expands on existing remote diagnostic capabilities and additional high-level troubleshooting features.

In the coming days, McElroy will implement Android 11 in all fully-updated DataLoggers. To receive the update notification, the DataLogger MUST be fully updated to Version 135.

If you do not receive an update notification, your device likely needs additional updates before it can swap to Android 11. To install the latest updates, connect to the Internet, then navigate to Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for Update.

Steps to Prepare/Install Updates

Note: It’s important to perform these steps in order to minimize the risk of data loss.

  1. Back up your joint data – Login to your account and ensure that internet connectivity is established to save joint data to the Vault™. You can also save joint data on an external USB drive.
  2. Update your DataLogger® to the latest version (135) – Update the DataLogger® application by navigating to “Settings” on the home screen and tapping the “Check” button in the lower right corner. Lastly, agree to terms and update to the latest version.
  3. Update your DataLogger® to the Android 11 Operating System
    When connected to the internet, a notification will appear stating that a system update is available. If the notification does not appear, in the operating system navigate to Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for Update.
  4. Update Embedded Controller (EC) Firmware – Beginning in February 2023, updated firmware will be available to extend the lifespan of DataLogger batteries. This update will be installed separately.
    • Instructions to install EC (battery) update:
      1. Plug the device into the charger and connect to the internet.
      2. From the notification, tap Update or Resume. The update files will download and be verified. The device will reboot.
      3. After the reboot is complete, check for further notifications by dragging your finger from the top of the screen. If the EC Firmware update notification is available, tap Update.
      4. Wait for the red LED to blink indicating that the update is complete.
        Note: To verify that the update has been installed, go to Settings > About tablet. Check that Android 11 OS Build number 1.0.0-20230109 is present and Battery Information section is now available to see the current battery condition. Once updated, you can then use this unit to update and battery packs.
  1. Update the SD Card Permission Settings on the DataLogger® Application – As part of support for Android 11, the SD card in the tablet requires permission to access files for backing up joint reports. This can be updated in the System Settings menu by toggling “on” the “Allow access to manage all files” setting.

If you have questions about navigating the DataLogger® or saving joint reports, please visit the DataLogger® FAQ section on McElroy’s website.