McElroy Introduces New DynaMc® Auto Models

Milton Keynes, UK — Two McElroy DynaMc® Auto models are now available for fusing high-density polyethylene pipes sized from 63mm up to 340mm. The DynaMc Auto 250 and 412 are McElroy’s newest fusion machines that operate within automated parameters set forth by UK gas industry specification PL2-3 and UK water industry specification 4-32-08.

McElroy, which recently opened a new technical centre in Milton Keynes, designed the low interfacial pressure DynaMc Auto machines to be extremely powerful and sturdy, while maintaining a small, portable and modular design. The DynaMc Autos are also ideal for in-ditch fusion situations.

“McElroy has manufactured automated TracStar® fusion machines for quite some time,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer for McElroy. “Creating superb automated machines is nothing new to us. The DynaMc Autos represent a new direction in our product line for markets where the automated fusion machine must perform in tight working environments with a well-planned modular design that operates within set industry specifications.”

The DynaMc Auto 250 machine is capable of fusing pipes sized from 63mm to 250mm. The 412 machine has fusion capabilities from 110mm to 340mm. Both machines are comprised of five components — the control unit, facer, power unit, heater and jaw carriage.

The control unit is the central hub of the DynaMc Auto machine, and guides the operator step-by-step through the procedure for fusing pipe with a series of prompts. The user can operate the unit in two modes — fully automatic or manual with DataLogger®. A USB port is used for downloading reports, and any new firmware updates can be made via a thumb drive to the same port.

McElroy’s DynaMc Auto facers have multiple blades on each side and are hydraulically powered for trimming the ends with increased power. Since the facer will require less running time to effectively “face” the pipe ends, the operator can spend less time preparing the pipe for fusion and more time completing joints. Additionally, the facer can be loaded into the carriage from either side due to the symmetric design.

McElroy engineers designed a power unit that could efficiently transfer and convert the energy from a 30-amp generator outlet to power all five components.

The DynaMc Autos’ heater units are easily loaded into the carriage. At the proper time, the carriage’s movement triggers the Teflon-coated heater plate to retract out of the way. This sequence creates minimal open and close times during a crucial part of the fusion process.

McElroy engineered the four-jaw carriage to have a unique, moveable third jaw that creates space to work in close proximity to ells and tees without removing the outer jaw. Serrated jaws and inserts grip the pipe extremely well, keeping the pipe from slipping during the fusion process.

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