Streamline pipe straightening with McElroy LineTamer®

No matter the scope or application of a project, workplace safety, efficiency, and cost savings are constant factors that are critical to a successful job. On jobs that utilize coiled pipe, operators can boost all three by using McElroy’s LineTamer®.

The LineTamer straightens and re-rounds coiled 2-inch to 6-inch (50mm to 160mm) pipe. This type of pipe is primarily found in the natural gas industry, but is also found in applications for water, propane, conduit, and oil and natural gas collection. It works by removing the coil set of a pipe by forcing it through a system of rollers. And because it safely and quickly removes that coil set within the pipe, it can increase the installation speed of PE pipe, conduit, and duct as much as 400% when compared to installations utilizing sticks of pipe. Even better, operators can install as much as 1,000 feet (304.8m) of pipe with a minimum of two fusions.

Because coiled pipe is used primarily in the natural gas industry, it’s critical to ensure sidewall fusion can be done in the pipe during or after its installation as services are added onto that branch. As a re-rounder, the LineTamer meets or exceeds ASTM D 2513 ovality requirements, which allows operators to work knowing they will be able to perform quality sidewall fusion on that re-rounded line.

Two models of the LineTamer are available: one for 2” IPS coiled pipe and a larger model for 3”-6” IPS pipe. Both models offer controls that are easy to operate, including re-rounding controls and pressure gauges that are easy to read. With distributors available worldwide, McElroy continues to lead the way in providing rugged and efficient solutions no matter the location or the application.

Watch this video to learn more about the capabilities of this jobsite accessory and some common ways it’s used in the field.