Why use the Vault™?

McElroy’s Vault™ lets you collect, store, analyze, and share fusion data like never before.

Whether you’re a contractor, inspector, or pipeline owner, the Vault is a powerful, cloud-based storage tool that draws from DataLogger® information to provide joint reports. Ensure each joint on the job is up to standard – and have the joint record to prove it.

Creating an account is quick, easy, and free. The Vault’s easy-to-use interface quickly shows the number of jobs associated with each individual account and the number of joints recorded on each jobsite. Sort records by operator, machine used, job, and more!

Operators can also share reports with supervisors, owners, and inspectors for closer evaluation. Storing records of each joint on the job can ensure they conform to industry standards and are ready for service.

For inspectors or pipeline owners, the Vault is a valuable tool for inspection and archival. The Vault allows storage of photos for each fusion joint on a job, allowing for closer inspection and review to ensure a quality joint, every time.

With GPS capabilities, the Vault can include location data for each fusion record it stores. A convenient map interface provides location data within feet.