Feature Focus: TracStar® iSeries New Cowling Design

When our team of engineers implemented the design of our new TracStar® iSeries they had two things in mind, make it easier to uncover critical components for maintenance plus accommodate fittings and tees.  To accomplish this task, they incorporated a two-step cowling system that can be removed quickly, giving you access to all the service elements on one side of the machine.

It’s all about productivity enhancement in the TracStar® iSeries.  One of the biggest changes to the look of the original TracStar® is a two-stepped nose feature for the cowlings. There is a quick removable side panel to allow access to the side of the engine and a dome shaped cowling that operates with gas springs much like the hood of a car. When you open it, you’ll access the top of the engine compartment, keeping your hands free to check the various service elements such as the oil filter, fuel filter and air filter.  Additional panels have been added to allow access to the oil dip stick. Underneath the front cowling is the Power Control Module (PCM), which cycles power to the heater to keep it at the proper temperature.

Another benefit of the redesigned cowling is the ability to fuse large tees and elbows without removing the carriage from the vehicle.  You can remove the outer fixed jaw and keep the carriage on the machine to make fusions, saving you time in the field.  On the original TracStar® it was necessary to disconnect the carriage, and put it in the ditch, which added time to the fusion process. Now by simply removing the outer jaw you’re ready to fuse.

In order to provide this time saving feature, our engineers had to make sure the area underneath the cowling was reinforced with a heavy duty steel structure to ensure that area isn’t damaged when an operator is bringing a tee in.

An additional safety feature added to the cast bumper on the nose is a section made of polyurethane that is intended to absorb the shock if the machine runs into something, helping to prevent damage to the cowling as well as the lights which are recessed. The white swoops on the side of the machine made of polyurethane were added in case you bump anything, the opportunity for damage is lessened. Learn more about the upgraded features of our TracStar® iSeries that will give you greater flexibility on your job site.