Choose the Right Machine for Your Job

At McElroy, we know it’s crucial to have the right equipment for the job. With our wide array of machines, it might seem difficult to know which one is best for each individual worksite.

To help, McElroy offers an Online Machine Finder that can narrow down your options and get you ready for the job ahead.

When you access the machine finder, you’ll find it’s a one-stop-shop for all the fusion machines we offer, but with easy customization to narrow down your options.  Once you have selected your machine, users can even configure their machine from the same page. 

From the finder homepage, you’ll begin by indicating your pipe type, whether you’re working with HDPE (Underground/Construction) or Polypropylene (Mechanical/HVAC/Plumbing). From there users can select the target pipe size and select additional filters to find the perfect machine to fit their needs. By clicking on the machine, users are redirected to the detail page where additional information is available.   

Choosing the right equipment is a crucial part of any operation. At McElroy, we know efficiency and a job well done are on the forefront of our customers’ minds, and we’re dedicated to helping you get there.