City of Tulsa Replaces Clay Sewer Pipe a Few Blocks from McElroy Manufacturing Plant

It’s not every day we see a McElroy fusion machine working just a mile up the road from where the equipment is manufactured. As part of its ongoing efforts to identify existing lines that need to be replaced, the City of Tulsa is working with a team from TG Excavating to carry out a pipe bursting project to replace a section of clay sewer pipe with HDPE.  The crew used a Rolling 412 machine to fuse the sections of 8” pipe that will replace an existing sanitary sewer clay line. 

TG Excavating Project Manager Spencer Thompson says doing a pipe burst for this job results in less disruption to resident’s backyards and fences.  “Pipe bursting with polyethylene is a minimally invasive process because we don’t have to dig up a large portion of a resident’s yard to get the job done.  Being able to pull the PE from one point to the other is the best scenario, plus it also lessens the time it takes to complete the project.”  To learn more about our full line of Rolling fusion machines, click here.