Data Recording Drives Innovations in Fusible Piping System Integrity

In today’s industrial and construction landscape, those without actionable insights from data are being left behind.

It’s no different for organizations involved with the construction of thermoplastic piping systems – data is your competitive edge.

With effective data logging and data recording, you can satisfy the growing number of project owners and governing bodies that require it as part of their quality control standards for fusible pipe infrastructure.

McElroy’s data logging solution, driven by the DataLogger®, helps you capture and log the most important information produced at your jobsite, no matter how long the workday.

Benefits of Data Logging in Plastic Piping Infrastructure Construction

First and foremost, to demonstrate that your jobsite meets the latest ASTM F3124 standards, it is critical that your operation develop best practices for recording the entire fusion process.

Beyond simple compliance, however, data logging provides a range of other benefits. It gives you assurance that pipeline joints were fused properly before they are buried and go into service. It also demonstrates a heightened level of responsibility and accountability, which can give contractors a competitive advantage in attracting new projects over competitors who don’t engage in data logging.

Finally, a consistent practice of data logging allows supervisors and others to analyze reports that have been stored in the cloud, giving them necessary insight into whether an employee is following the correct procedures and producing quality results each and every time. This is beneficial for both fusion training and for longtime employees.

McElroy’s DataLogger Solution

McElroy’s DataLogger software gives you the tools you need to take advantage of those benefits.

It helps you ensure that each joint was fused with the correct pressure and times according to supported standards by recording key parameters of the fusion process and provides unmatched insight into heat soak times, open/close times, cool time, jobsite and operator information, and more.

All of that data can be stored in the McElroy Vault™, which allows for quick and easy sorting, simple access, and tagging and sharing of joint records by machine, joint, operator, device or job.

The DataLogger 7 is our most robust device ever for taking advantage of that powerful software solution, offering longer battery life, automatic data backup, an updated Android operating system, all within an IP68-rated, MIL-STD-810-tested touchscreen tablet.

Data logging should be a key part of any thermoplastic pipe fusion operation, and McElroy is ready to help you get started. To learn more, visit