DataLogger® 1.17 Software Update

We are always working to add new features to the DataLogger® that will add more value to our users. In the latest update, we’ve been busy focusing on increasing areas of performance. For those users fusing with very short cycle times, typically smaller-diameter pipe, we have made some adjustments to improve the responsiveness moving from screen to screen.

And, of course, we can’t help but to include a couple of new features! We have received more and more requests for the ability to manually enter traceability information from the pipe. In place of the “Scan Barcode” button on the Pipe Settings page will be the new “Traceability” button. When this is selected, users will have the ability to manually enter the Pipe Manufacturer, Lot Number and Production Date or continue to scan the information from the pipe barcode as they always have. We’ve also included a few new data fields to help users further classify records. All are alphanumeric and can be entered at the users’ discretion:

  • Weld Name
  • Procedure Name
  • Variation Name
  • Area Name

It’s always important to keep your DataLogger software updated. We encourage you to take advantage of these performance enhancements to get the best experience possible.