Easily cast fusion results to separate screens using the DataLogger®

Whether training or reporting fusion data, McElroy’s DataLogger® makes it easy to show results on different screens.

The DataLogger is capable of casting directly to any casting-enabled device, allowing users to view the display on multiple screens and share it with others. Viewing DataLogger information on a larger screen can make it easier for larger groups to share information, especially in training scenarios.

To begin, ensure your DataLogger and display are on the same Wi-Fi network. Both the device and display must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the casting to work.

Note that the display must support Google Cast in order to cast the DataLogger screen. Most modern “smart” displays, including televisions and computer monitors, have Google Cast capability.

If the connection does not seem to be working, check to make sure wireless display on the DataLogger tablet is set to “on.” This function can be located in the DataLogger’s Casting Settings.

To begin casting:

  • On the DataLogger’s home screen, swipe down from the top to access the settings.
  • Swipe Down Again to reveal more options.
  • Toggle to the next screen by swiping right within the drop-down box.
  • Select “Cast.”

At this time, the tablet will search for devices, then show a list of available screens. Select the appropriate display.

Once connected, open the DataLogger app, and it will display to the target device.

To stop casting:

  • Swipe down from the home screen again and access the casting menu.
  • Press the connected display.