Feature Focus: TracStar® iSeries Controller Area Network (CAN) and Touchscreen

The TracStar® iSeries is called the Future of Fusion for a reason. These machines offer the industry a new level of intelligence, integration, and efficiency to the TracStar line.  They continue to be the rugged, self-contained tracked vehicles while adding industry-changing technology for an improved user experience.    

The new control system was designed with the user in mind.  It provides information, from user prompts and system status to built-in service reminders and troubleshooting information, all at the operator’s fingertips. 

A proven industry standard CAN (Controller Area Network) is the backbone connecting the DataLogger®, PCM (Power Control Module), and multiple electronic control modules to gather the information an operator needs.  The McElroy PCM integrates the heater controls and a GFCI improving reliability and gives users the ability to select the GFCI standard required by local authorities.

The networked controllers deliver information to the operator on a 7” touchscreen as well as on the DataLogger.  Real-time machine information is thoughtfully laid out with large gauges for easy reading and a customizable console that has options for light and dark mode depending on the job site conditions.  

Operators will appreciate the machine status details such as heater temperature, system pressure, and engine speed. They can also evaluate the service life of the battery, engine oils, hydraulic fluids, and air filters as well. Additionally, quick access has been made available for the operator to activate lights, select the heater, and review the outriggers.

When error codes are tripped, the system will provide specific information about the error and potential causes to help the user troubleshoot the issue. 

The capabilities of the TracStar have been taken to the next level, building a better system that will result in more reliable fusions.

To learn more about our newest innovation, visit our TracStar iSeries webpage.