Find the right Acrobat™ package and HPU for your jobsite

The Acrobat fusion machines offer the flexibility to meet the demands of any jobsite fusing polypropylene pipe. These noncorrosive, leak-free systems are found in today’s most advanced HVAC, mechanical and commercial plumbing applications. With the Acrobat’s optimal weight and compact design, this machine is easy to operate whether you’re fusing pipe in ceilings, the walls or on the ground. Two models cover pipe size ranges from 63mm to 315mm (2” to 12”) polypropylene pipe.

The Acrobat is …

  • Designed with a small footprint and optimal weight.
  • Compatible with two hydraulic power units (HPUs) — the EP1500AD HPU and the EP800AD HPU — designed to meet the maximum system pressure desired on your jobsite
  • Flexible — it has the ability to fuse in any orientation: overhead, vertically, horizontally
  • Compact — it can be configured from 4 to 3 jaws by removing from the base without tools for an even more compact unit in tight spaces
  • Compatible with the DataLogger® to record and analyze fusion joint data
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty – the longest available in the industry

Use our Acrobat Selection Tool help find the best Acrobat for your next job.