Find the right sidewall heater adapter with our online tool

For years, McElroy’s sidewall fusion tools have helped operators effectively fuse branches off main pipes.

A key part of the success is the heater adapter used during sidewall fusion.

To create a good fusion, the heater adapter must fit the main and branch perfectly.

McElroy offers several different heater adapters, and coupled with the wide variability of main and branch sizes, it’s essential to choose the correct heater adapter for the job.

To help choose the right adapter, McElroy offers a free online tool that allows users to locate the tool they need.

To use this tool, input the Face Type, Heater Size, and Main Pipe Size. Next, select Base Type, then click “Search Available Adapters.”

After inputting that information, click “Search Available Adapters.”

You can also find this tool on the Sidewinder page, by scrolling to “Parts & Accessories.”