Fuse all day with TracStar® 250 Series 2

The TracStar® 250 Series 2 is a low-force fusion machine tailored to the needs of the polypropylene fusion operators.

Like all the machine’s in McElroy’s rugged TracStar line, the TracStar 250 Series 2 is self-propelled using rubber crawler tracks. This allows the fusion machine to travel to the jobsite more quickly and efficiently across a variety of terrains. Fuse all day with its 8+-hour operational fuel tank capacity, while working efficiently enough to ensure you’re home in time for dinner.

Designed to fuse polypropylene pipe between 125mm and 250mm (4” – 10”), the TracStar 250 Series 2 incorporates a cowling design that helps dissipate heat, while providing easier access to the machine’s interior for maintenance.

The TracStar 250 Series 2 is DataLogger® compatible, allowing operators to record each fusion joint as it happens. The DataLogger provides peace of mind for contractors, operators, and inspectors by providing a way to review fusion data after the fact, with each joint’s GPS data logged for easy record-keeping.