Fuse with confidence with McElroy Testing Tools

Don’t leave your pipelines to chance. Trust McElroy’s quality-assured tools to support your fusion operations and know your fusion joints meet the highest standards.

With McElroy’s InField® Tensile Tester and Guided Side Bend Tester, technicians can easily and quickly conduct qualitative tests on the jobsite. Gone are the days of cutting a coupon from the pipe and sending it to a lab for analysis!

With the InField Tensile Tester, the coupon is inserted into the tensile test unit, which conducts a destructive test on samples from 2″ IPS and larger, with up to a 5″ thick wall.

The Guided Side Bend Tester performs a quick, safe “bend back” test, placing the entire wall thickness into tension to validate the ductility of the joint.

Both the InField and Guided Side Bend testers require no extra power to use. Hydraulic hand pumps safely assist both tools in conducting the test in the field.

This lightweight device requires the operator to supply a planer, calipers, and saw to complete the testing procedure.

The McSnapper® is a tensile with impact testing machine designed specifically for polyolefin materials. It can be used in the development of new materials, quality assurance for existing materials, or in fusion compatibility to determine lot uniformity, strength, and fusibility of pipe and fittings

For quick and easy air pressure testing, McElroy Test Caps can be used for ½ inch CTS to 2 inch IPS and 32MM to 63MM branches. These caps are reusable and have been pressure rated to 165 PSI.

Installation and removal of Test Caps are quick and easy, and the caps include a safety lanyard for added operator protection.