Fusion training to meet your needs

The demand for quality fusion training hasn’t changed since the onset of COVID-19, but McElroy University has been changing the way we meet the demand.

Many of you contacted us looking for ways to still provide at least some level of training but with respect to travel restrictions and other pandemic challenges. That’s why we have responded with several new initiatives:

ONLINE LEARNING BUNDLES While hands-on time in the shop is challenging right now, we are making sure the classroom portion of our Operator Qualification courses isn’t. Our online, self-paced learning modules are still available and offered in three bundles for only $25 each:

  • Polyethylene (PE) – This includes an introduction to PE pipe and pipe fusion, socket fusion, saddle fusion, manual butt fusion and hydraulic butt fusion.
  • Polypropylene (PP) – Includes an introduction to PP pipe and pipe fusion, socket fusion, outlet fusion, butt fusion with the Acrobat™ and butt fusion with the Polygon™.
  • DataLogger® – DataLogger 6 operations, using the DataLogger with manual butt fusion and DataLogger 6 updates.

Once you register or sign in, you will be directed to the McElroy University online learning portal. Add any or all bundles to your cart, checkout and start learning! Note: These bundles are available for you and your customers.


SOCIALLY DISTANT LEARNING SERIES – We continue to offer our Socially Distant Learning Series live and free on Wednesdays. Watch your email for registration information. The series is now open to the public, so please feel free to share the registration links. These are some of the upcoming topics:

Sept. 16 – Why Joints Fail

Oct. 21 – Polypropylene Hot Tap Tool

If you missed any of the past sessions, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You can catch those recordings on the McU Online Learning Portal by visiting this link and following the prompts.  

Past sessions have covered some great topics including McElroy Optimized Cooling™, Selecting the Right Tool for the Job, Testing Tools, the SmartFab™, Fusion Accessories and a lot more!

SOCIALLY DISTANT LEARNING SERIES (LATAM) – We also have a Socially Distant Learning Series in Spanish for our channel and industry partners in Latin America. Watch your email for registration information. Upcoming sessions include:

Sept. 4 – DataLogger® & Vault™

Sept. 11 – Estándares Fundamentales que Soportan el HDPE

Sept. 18 – Polygon™

Oct. 2 – DataLogger & Vault Parte 2

Oct. 9 – El Entrenamiento una Herramienta para Adaptarse a los Nuevos Retos

Oct. 16 – Acrobat™ Confiable y Compacta

CUSTOM ONLINE PRESENTATIONS As an extension of our Socially Distant Learning Series, we are also doing custom presentations/training on whatever topics and/or equipment you need for you and/or your customers. These presentations can be for just your internal team, or you can include your customers as well. With this, you can leverage McElroy personnel and resources in a way that still allows you to be “in front of” your customers so you can stay connected, keep projects on track, etc. This is a proven opportunity that has yielded very positive results for all involved. Contact McElroy Inside Sales or McElroy University for more information or to schedule your own presentation.

MORE ONLINE TRAINING COMING SOON! In addition to the existing library of online courses and training, McElroy University has been hard at work developing new online material that will cover not only operations, but also Troubleshoot and Rebuild topics. These courses will allow your team to learn online at their own pace and gain the knowledge they need to be successful on the job or in the shop. Be sure to register for INFUSION 2020 and attend the McElroy University Update breakout session for all the details!