Get more out of a day’s work with the McElroy PolyHorse®

The PolyHorse is a pipe-handling system that provides a more productive way to store and handle pipe on the job, no matter the size of the pipe. With a series of adjustable racks, it has the ability to hold enough pipe for a day’s worth of fusion work.

With the PolyHorse, you will:

  • Increase jobsite productivity
  • Save time and manpower
  • Save money
  • Decrease operator and machine strain

It is available in two sizes: the standard PolyHorse, for 3″ IPS to 20″ OD (90mm to 500mm) or the MegaMc® PolyHorse®, for larger size pipe from 20″ OD to 48″ OD (500mm to 1200mm).  

The PolyHorse can be purchased in a manual model or with hydraulic PowerAssist which helps to maneuver the pipe up, down and into the fusion carriage. The MegaMc PolyHorse features a powered, tracked pipe stand operated by remote control. It offers up to 24 inches of lateral and 34 inches of vertical movement to align out-of-round or curved pipe.

See how the PolyHorse can boost your bottom line.