Great additions coming to McElroy Operator’s Manuals

The Operator’s Manuals are an essential part of your McElroy machine, and we are in the process of making some additions to these must-have books to make your machine experience even better.

We thought the newly-launched Polygon™, which was announced in last month’s newsletter, would be the best place to start. In the General Information section of the Polygon Operator’s Manual, we have added standard nomenclature for each part of the carriage, heater and facer. Referring to this section of the manual will avoid confusion in your communications especially when you’re troubleshooting or ordering a new part.

In the Maintenance section, we’ve added a schedule to help you better plan your preventative maintenance tasks. There’s also step-by-step instructions for each maintenance task including changing the hydraulic fluid, checking the facer blades and more.

McElroy machines are known for their longevity, but even a McElroy machine needs a little TLC to stay in tip-top shape. These maintenance tips will help insure that you have covered all your bases.

We will be implementing these additions machine-by-machine throughout the year. If you no longer have a copy of your machine manual or need an extra copy, you can download one for free on any machine’s product page.

Operator’s Manual