In Field® Tensile Tester: Check Your Butt Fusion Joints in Minutes

The In Field® Tensile Tester is tried and true. After launching this quality assurance tool more than a decade ago, you can still rely on its ability to provide a quick and accurate on-site analysis of your HDPE butt fusion joints .

Gone are the days of having to cut part of a completed joint out of a pipeline and send it off to a lab to be tested. This old school method costs time on the job so that’s why we developed easy, innovative way to test fusion joints in the field using a pass/fail method.  This light weight tool can easily be loaded up into a truck bed. 

It incorporates a template that is attached to the pipe to create a coupon through the use of a drill and reciprocating saw.  The coupon is then inserted into the hand-pump test unit that performs a destructive test to qualitatively pass or fail the joint.

The hand-pump system can test coupons from 2” OD and larger pipe sizes. Learn more about how the In Field® Tensile Tester can benefit you.