LineTamer® Offers Productivity Solution for Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp.

The versatility of the LineTamer® offers an operator many options for handling coiled pipe on the jobsite.  With its capabilities to straighten and re-round 3” to 6” IPS coiled pipe to meet or exceed ASTM D 2513 ovality requirements, it safely removes the coil set for quicker installations. Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp. (AOG) in Fort Smith, Arkansas regularly works with long runs of pipe and the LineTamer helps increase productivity because it prevents the crew from having to make a fusion every 40-feet.

In the natural gas industry safety is key, and for the Fort Smith, Arkansas team at Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp (AOG), the McElroy LineTamer® is an accessory regularly used out in the field. It allows operators to install PE pipe, conduit and duct 4x faster than installations with straight lengths of pipe, providing the capability to lay approximately 1,000 feet with a minimum of two fusions.

AOG had previously been outsourcing contractors for their LineTamer work, but over the past several months they decided to move everything in-house.  They contacted McElroy to set-up a custom LineTamer training and in July our Market Development Specialist, Shannon Land, and Sales & Service Representative, Robbie Phillips Jr., headed to the “Wonder State”.

To prepare for the in-person session, each employee went through McElroy University’s online training to learn more about how the LineTamer works. Once Shannon and Robbie were in town, the training took one day.

The two-hour in-class presentation covered the LineTamer installation and how to cut pipe at the completion of the job.  This was followed by a four-hour hands-on session.  The group learned how to: drill a hole in the pipe end to mount the sling, cut bands, attach the sling to a pull vehicle, thread pipe into the LineTamer, and cut pipe. The crucial elements of the LineTamer training is ensuring an operator is familiar with loading pipe and operating the controls of the hydraulics trailer.

This select group of AOG employees are now qualified operators. “The key to jobsite productivity and safety is receiving training to be able to fully understand how to operate a fusion machine and its accessories.  The Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp. employees who were part of the training excelled and they can feel confident about using the LineTamer on their next job,” says Shannon Land, Market Development Specialist.

To learn more about upcoming training courses and how to schedule a custom training, visit McElroy University online.