Make Pipe Pulling Easier with Low Profile Rollers

McElroy Low Profile Rollers are a modular pipe roller designed to make pulling 4″ IPS – 18″ IPS (100mm – 450mm) diameter HDPE pipe easier, and to minimize drag on the pipe.

Built to be as rugged and reliable as the rest of McElroy’s products, the Low Profile Rollers are a modular design with extremely compact storage in a crate that holds 40 rollers. A sealed ball-bearing construction ensures optimal performance use after use.

Designed to pair perfectly with other McElroy accessories, like the PolyHorse®, Low Profile Rollers are tip-resistant, and allow for curved pulls of pipe over considerable distances. The rollers provide no resistance to external fusion joint beads moving across the roller.

Low Profile Rollers boost productivity and keep pipe off the ground during the fusion process, minimizing pipe damage and helping to keep it clean. This is especially clear when they are compared to homemade or ineffective rollers.

The rollers arrive in a “nested” crate that contain 40 complete roller assemblies or in individual pairs.