McElroy Adds To Popular PolyHorse®

TULSA, Okla. — Savvy contractors and pipeliners have been using the McElroy PolyHorse™ pipe-handling system to increase productivity on high-density polyethylene jobsites. With the new PowerAssist attachment for the PolyHorse, productivity will get another boost, as the new accessory features a hydraulically powered roller that aids in moving pipe up, down and into the fusion machine.

Designed for pipe sized 3 to 20 inches (90mm – 500mm), the PolyHorse with PowerAssist can reduce manpower expenses, provide a more efficient, safer work environment for handling pipe bundles and even enhances jobsite productivity up to 150 percent.

The PolyHorse’s productivity starts from the time the pipe is delivered. The pipe can be offloaded straight to the adjustable racks that store the pipe off the ground, in a single location near the fusion machine. Then a worker can maneuver the pipe onto the rollers of the PolyHorse and into the fusion machine. Now, with the PowerAssist, the movement of the pipe on the rollers is made even easier with the use of hydraulic power to help maneuver pipe into place.

“We design our productivity-enhancing equipment to reduce the resources required on a jobsite,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer of McElroy. “With the PolyHorse and PowerAssist, it’s very likely that a jobsite will just need a single fusion operator to perform all the tasks.”

Installation of the new PowerAssist is simple; just tap into the power of the fusion machine’s facer lines. No tools are required to make the addition. The PowerAssist can be purchased as an add-on kit for an existing PolyHorse or can be packaged with a new PolyHorse purchase.

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