McElroy Around the World

Panama is facing terrible problems with water loss due to faulty piping systems. The leakage rate is currently more than 50 percent which means more than half of their water supply never reaches the consumer. But the good news is that Panama is one of the leading countries in Central America that are investing in infrastructure with several big projects anticipated in the near future. The even better news is that HDPE pipe fused with McElroy machines provides the perfect leak-free solution for their water woes.

McElroy’s educational outreach efforts on the advantages of HDPE have included several seminars conducted in Panama this year in conjunction with the Alliance for PE Pipe. These have been led by McElroy’s Juan Quintero along with Marco Melis of WL Plastics and Nicky Araujo of SIGSA. Their captive audience has included water authorities, contractors and the Panama Channel Authority. We think Panama and the world around it deserve better infrastructure and a better world. This happens when HDPE piping systems are installed with equipment made by the leading innovator of pipe fusion — McElroy.

Advantages of HDPE


Corrosion resistant

Less maintenance

Tough, ductile, flexible

Superior Seismic Resistance

The Trenchless Pipe

Lowest life cycle cost of all pipes

Often the lowest installed cost of all pipes