McElroy Around the World

David Mosier, Regional Sales Manager for the North Region at Core & Main takes us on the ground and in the ditch with these pics of their fusion techs in southeast Iowa. Ben Beck of Fusible Branch 825 is fusing at sunset and Andrew Elijah out of Cedar Rapids is fusing pipe in the ditch. Both are for a 12″ DR9 HDPE pipeline for an outfall sewer in Wever, IA.

Meanwhile, Richard Fowler, a lead construction mechanical superintendent, hearkens us back to 2006 on a hot and steamy day in Palm Island in Dubai. This MegaMc® 1648 was supplied to Hepworth PME to fuse a 1000mm HDPE pipeline for seawater intake.

Our machines are made rugged for good reason. We are honored by all the great infrastructure that fusion operators build with our machines worldwide. Kudos!

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