McElroy expands line of polethylene pipe fusion productivity tools with Manual Fusion Machine stand.

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., is pleased to introduce the new Manual Fusion Machine Stand; the latest in our growing line of productivity enhancement tools. This stand puts either the McElroy 2LC polyethylene (PE) pipe fusion machine or the ever popular No.14 PitBull at a more comfortable operator level to help decrease operator fatigue and increase overall productivity.

The benefits are even greater when used in conjunction with the McElroy PolyHorse® and/or PolyPorter®, both of which are designed to help improve your bottom line on the job site. Features of the stand include:

  • Folds for easy storageAttached wheels for easy transportation when foldedLocks in both folded and open positions for added safety
  • Can be used stand alone or in conjunction with McElroy PolyHorse or PolyPorter
  • Supports the McElroy 2LC and No.14 fusion machine

For more information about the Manual Fusion Machine Stand, or to locate an Authorized McElroy Distributor, visit our website at or call at 918-836-8611.