McElroy Joins Several Social Networks

McElroy, the pipe fusion experts, recently announced three new venues for getting more information regarding thermoplastic pipe fusion and fusion machines. A customer-centric company, McElroy believes adding pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will keep end users better informed about fusion products and the pipeline industry.

Adding the social networks allows the customer to have another venue to reach McElroy with suggestions, compliments, concerns and problems. McElroy strives to make all information and problem solving available via their award-winning website as well. Social networking will provide advantages in the dissemination of information during trade shows and special events; the ability to direct customers to online videos, instruction and information; improve customer service; and provide networking capabilities for those within the industry.

“McElroy and our distribution network are extremely excited by the opportunities that come with being better connected to our customers through these new platforms,” said Chip McElroy, chief executive officer of McElroy. “Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer unlimited opportunities to exhibit why we believe in pipe fusion and our machines as the best way to solve infrastructure problems around the world.”

McElroy’s Facebook profile and fan page allows users to network, to upload their own pictures of McElroy machines in the field and keep up to date with the latest product introductions. Recently, McElroy has used the page as a place to update trade show attendees to special notifications.

On Twitter, McElroy is using their page to direct polyethylene pipe and fusion news to followers. Direct messages and tweets are quickly replied to by McElroy personnel.

McElroy offers many videos regarding the pipe fusion process, saddle fusion, pipe-handling productivity and much more on YouTube. Videos will continue to be uploaded in the future that show new products at work, job site success stories and even a bit of humor.