Online Machine Finder Makeover

You already know you want a McElroy to help you get the job done – but which one will fit your pipe fusion needs? We are excited to announce we have completely revamped our online machine finder, making it more user friendly with a prominent web display, refined search results and improved features. When you access our machine finder now you’ll find it’s a one stop shop for all the fusion machines we offer, but we have made it easier to customize your search by narrowing down your options.

From the new finder homepage, you’ll indicate your pipe type, whether you’re working with HDPE (Underground/Construction) or Polypropylene (Mechanical/HVAC/Plumbing).  With our previous machine finder page, you had to select your pipe type ahead of time and it took you to separate finder pages based on your selections. 

With this new lay-out, you’ll stay in one place to pick your target pipe size and select additional filters to find the perfect machine to fit your needs. New search filter features include type of fusion, power type and machine operations.  When you click on each machine to take a closer look you will still be able to view the cylinder force so you can choose the correct configuration for your fusion standard requirements.

This new design should help you locate your machine faster, then you can order it quicker and have exactly what you need out in the field. Choosing the right equipment is a crucial part of any operation.  We encourage you to also view our full line of productivity tools, like the PolyHorse® and our quality assurance tools, including the Datalogger®.