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Welcome back to the McElroy Service Center! We use this regular publication to announce new maintenance and repair-related information, such as technical bulletins, training opportunities, software updates, repair kits, and tech tips.

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Technical bulletin reminder

TB 195 SAE J609 Taper shaft generator drive runout and alignment inspection

This bulletin serves as a guide for checking both runout and concentricity of the tapered shaft used to mount and drive the generator on TracStar® 412 and TracStar® 618 models with Kubota engines and should be used to verify alignment when removing and replacing the direct drive generator assembly.  Excessive shaft runout and misalignment between the mounting components and shaft can cause premature generator failure.

The instructions in this bulletin should be referenced anytime a generator has failed prior to installation of a new generator. Following the instructions will help identify alignment or runout issues and prevent follow on failure of the new generator. Please contact McElroy Technical Support if additional assistance is required.

Technical support can be reached at 1-918-831-9224 or [email protected].

New Warranty Labor Request Form

A new warranty labor request form link has been added to the incident request page.

The downloadable PDF must be filled out and submitted immediately after the incident request to recover labor and travel costs incurred performing warranty service.

The link is only available from the RMA/Incident management page once the incident has been submitted. Please begin using the new form immediately to guarantee efficient processing of your warranty claims and labor credits.

Hydraulic Oil Substitutions

What oil should I use if I can’t get the same oil used from the factory?

 This is a question we are often asked.

The answer… 

McElroy has traditionally used the same oil brand and viscosity across all its hydraulically operated equipment. The oil brand doesn’t matter so much as the fluid specifications do. The following statement on fluid specifications can be found in the operator’s manual for your equipment.

Match the oil viscosity to your operating conditions and temperatures based on the chart below (also found in the manual).

New Continuing Education Course Available

TracStar® 412 & TracStar® 618 Hydraulic Clamping Kit Installation is the latest module added to the growing list of continuing education courses available the McElroy’s online Learning Management System.

McElroy has offered this hydraulic clamping kit as an upgrade for many years. This course walks you through the parts and procedures of installing the hydraulic clamping kit on a TracStar 412 or TracStar 618 fusion machine.

CLICK HERE to access this class through McElroy’s LMS.

This course, and many others, are open for enrollment in McElroy University.

Contact McElroy Technical Support for assistance with any of your service-related needs. Technical support may be reached at 918-831-9224 or at [email protected].