Work Smarter with McElroy’s Acrobat™ with QuikFit®carriage

Take the heavy lifting out of your large-diameter polypropylene fusion with McElroy’s Acrobat™ with QuikFit® carriage.

The QuikFit carriage is available for Acrobat 355mm to 630mm machines, allowing operators to fuse pipe in places that might otherwise be impossible with heavy, bulkier fusion equipment. Its modular, lightweight jaw design allows the QuikFit to break down in components so the upper and lower jaws can be assembled around the pipe by hand.

Only one or two people are needed to assemble the QuikFit carriage, cutting down on equipment and manpower requirements. Plus, there’s no need for inserts – the QuikFit jaws conveniently fit single pipe sizes, keeping the machine lightweight and easy to situate.

Not sure which QuikFit package is right for you? McElroy offers an easy-to-use tool to determine which machine you need for your job. CLICK HERE and scroll down to “Find the right QuikFit package for your jobsite” to get started.