Assure pipeline integrity with the McElroy DataLogger® 6 and Vault™

The McElroy DataLogger 6 and Vault are a powerful pairing when it comes to constructing and managing quality thermoplastic pipeline infrastructures. Together they offer the most efficient method in meeting the growing requirement for data collection. With a complete record of each step of the fusion process, users can easily demonstrate that pipelines are fused properly before they go into service.

The DataLogger 6 is a ruggedized, Android tablet packed with many features including dual cameras, barcode scanning, GPS and a FusionGuide ™ graph to easily determine if the fusions adhere to industry standards. The DataLogger wirelessly syncs with the Vault, a secure online server where information from each fusion can be securely stored and sorted by the operator, machine, job and more.

The DataLogger 6 and Vault are the perfect tools for public water departments, gas distribution companies and other entities investing in new infrastructure. Data logging is increasingly becoming a requirement because once these pipelines are buried, they don’t want to have to dig them up to correct an overlooked problem. With the ability to thoroughly check the quality of the fusion work beforehand, they are assured that these new pipelines will serve customers with no issues for decades.

Murphy Pipeline Contractors has recorded their joint information on municipal water jobs in Florida using McElroy’s quality assurance tools. They have been required to show that their operators fused at the right pressure and temperature for the right amount of time, according to ASTM standards.

In New York, National Fuel has committed to using the DataLogger 6 on all their gas distribution modernization projects to ensure the integrity of their pipelines. From offices miles away from the jobsite, their training supervisors are able to easily review joint reports on the Vault to confirm all the fusion parameters are met.


  • There is no cost to create an account and use the Vault
  • It is available to anyone who needs to store, review or analyze DataLogger joint data
  • Joint reports can be viewed anywhere there is a connection to the internet
  • Data is stored on secured servers that are monitored, maintained and backed up
  • You can tag joint records to quickly locate joint data for review or inspection before the pipe is buried
  • Best of all, you can sign up for a Vault account today!