McElroy University 2022 Schedule

We are passionate about the role McElroy University plays within the industry and are looking forward to a bright future in 2022.  Whether you are interested in Operations, Maintenance, or even Inspector Training, McElroy University has you covered. 

McElroy University makes a concerted effort to provide people with the best educational material. All courses are taught and designed by Certified McElroy Instructors so that the skills learned, and the machines used in each class closely match the situations, equipment, and operations found on the job site.

With an education that is designed to perform, McElroy University students stand out from the competition.  They leave with an understanding of common industry standards, proper machine procedures, and have a level of competency for their upcoming jobs.

Over the last few years with the move toward more online offerings, McElroy University has shifted its offerings from strictly in-person classes to a variety of forms.  Our students appreciate having a virtual option to train on their time from anywhere. We offer strictly online, strictly in-person as well as hybrid versions, whereby students can complete the preparatory learning online and complete the hands-on portion with a Certified McElroy Instructor.    We also have a new maintenance training program that will provide improved resources to help equipment owners keep their machines in top shape.

Currently, we have classes scheduled through mid-April, with more to come! Click here to see the list of options.