Meet fast open/close times with Polygon™ LT

McElroy’s Polygon™ is the premier lightweight solution for fusing polypropylene pipe and fittings. This line of compact fusion equipment is DataLogger® compatable, allowing operators to capture joint information and ensure that proper fusion procedures have been followed.

The Polygon allows operators the flexibility to complete butt and miter fusions from zero- to 45-degree angles and has the additional capability to perform socket fusions. This three-in-one machine’s simple design and light weight make it the ideal prefabrication tool on polypropylene pipe jobsites.

The Polygon LT is based on the design platform and operation of the Polygon and provides a fast open/close time for butt fusing 20mm to 110mm pipe.

As the newest member of McElroy’s manual fusion lineup, the Polygon LT features a newly-designed drive screw that allows for multiple inches of travel time per drive wheel rotation, giving fusion operators the ability to meet faster open and close times as needed. With shortened parts to maximize a compact design, it’s capable of providing up to 250 psi fusion pressure and includes a smaller heater and facer to accommodate for the smallest of pipe sizes.

For low pressure butt fusion, it includes a new internal spring and shaft brake that allows for precise control and gives operators the ability to lock the machine in place.

The Polygon LT will be available in Q1 of 2023.