McElroy University offering new Rolling machine course

McElroy University has officially launched a new course for two of McElroy’s Rolling machine line.

Rolling 412 and Rolling 618 Maintenance, Inspection, and Runout instructs students on the inspection process for a Rolling 412 or 618 fusion machine, along with general maintenance and runout procedures.

Students will first become familiar with the components of the machine and their purpose/function, followed by how to ensure that those components are operational, and finally how to conduct routine/general maintenance. The course covers the Rolling 412 and 618 electric-powered and gas-powered machines.

The course concludes with a condensed version of the fusion process to instruct students on how to conduct a proper runout inspection before returning a machine to the field for fusion operations.

This new course is geared toward maintenance personnel and equipment owners and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

To access this course, visit McElroy’s Learning Management System and enter your credentials. The course is then listed as MSE-1304.