McElroy University streamlines process for requalification

If your McElroy University Operator Qualification is about to expire, it’s easy to get requalified. McElroy University has restructured its requalification program so that previously qualified fusion operators can renew their qualifications in a faster, less expensive and more efficient way.

You will start by completing the appropriate requalification-specific online learning modules at your own pace, on your own device, from just about anywhere. These online modules are a great refresher for even seasoned fusion operators. They include the most up-to-date information along with new technologies available in our equipment and accessories; it also covers any important changes and developments in the industry.

Then you will visit a McElroy Certified Instructor (in Tulsa or elsewhere) to take the written test and hands-on performance evaluation and you can be requalified in as little as one day. This is a significant time-savings that allows operators to spend less time away from work. Also, requalification courses taken through McElroy University cost much less than the initial qualification. So you can save time AND money.

Our program meets the international training standard, ASTM F3190, which was published in 2016. The industry is increasingly requesting training that follows this standard knowing that it helps raise the bar for the entire industry and increases the likelihood of having well trained operators in the field.

The next requalification course is set for March 23 in Small Diameter Fusion and we have five seats remaining! Go to our website for the latest course schedule and register today! (Note: Course numbers beginning with “RQ” are requalification courses.)