Mini-Mc® Ratchet Facer Revolutionizes Small Diameter Facing

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc has available a new Ratchet Facer. The MiniMc™ Ratchet Facer is durable and easy to use. It employs a ratcheting mechanism for easy facing operation and a convenient handle for optimum control. The Ratchet Facer utilizes current MiniMc facer cutting blades and faces pipe sizes from ½” CTS to 1″ IPS. It also will work with any small diameter fusion machine.

“It’s quick and easy to use with its snap-in inserts for fast pipe size changes. More important is that it can be used on any small diameter fusion equipment in the marketplace. This new facer will eliminate frustrating one-way wrenches and tiresome knurled facers,” says Jim Craig, National Sales Manger.