Need a primer on the Polygon™ LT?

A new McElroy University course is now available covering instruction on the Polygon™ LT.

Based on the design platform and operation of the original Polygon™, the Polygon LT provides a fast open/close time for butt fusing 20mm to 110mm pipe thanks to a specially-designed drive screw that allows for multiple inches of carriage travel per drive wheel rotation.

With shortened parts to maximize a compact design, it’s capable of providing up to 250 psi fusion pressure and includes a smaller heater and facer to accommodate for the smallest of pipe sizes.

Two modules are available for enrollment: a Polypropylene Fusion Operator Qualification, tailored toward McElroy’s existing course framework; and a Continuing Education Course.

The continuing education module is available as a standalone product through McElroy’s Learning Management System and is available for anyone to enroll.

Both courses cover the Polygon LT fusion machine. They introduce students to the machine, its components, and how to use it to perform butt fusion. The courses conclude with a series of special considerations that will help learners successfully use the tool for small-diameter polypropylene pipe fusion.