New DataLogger® 7 video

This video gives users a look at the new features that are now available on the DataLogger® 7. This latest evolution takes advantage of advancements in technology and incorporates the feedback we have received from customers who have adopted this platform.

Features on the DataLogger 7 include:

  • 14 hours of battery life
  • Hot-swappable battery option
  • Faster and more powerful processor powered by Android 9
  • Pre-installed SD card for a redundant backup of fusion records
  • SIM card functionality for real-time analysis and troubleshooting
  • Military-grade, IP68-rated tablet
  • 7” touchscreen can be used with gloves and in wet conditions
  • Job, operator, machine and GPS locations are recorded
  • Record electrofusion, squeeze-off techniques and pressure testing
  • Records butt, miter, manual and sidewall fusion
  • Simple-to-follow guided workflow
  • FusionGuide™ graphs for live visual display of the fusion process
  • McElroy Optimized Cooling™ algorithm built in

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