Not sure if McElroy University is right for you? Try a free sample course online.

McElroy University courses are built to ensure operators, technicians, inspectors, engineers and anyone else involved in a pipe fusion job are prepared for the work ahead. Every class is designed to educate students about the techniques, standards, and skills needed for optimal performance on a pipe fusion jobsite.

If you’re not sure whether McElroy University is right for you, McElroy offers a free online sample course.

The sample class illustrates what students can expect from online McElroy University modules, including topics like the various methods for fusing pipe, industry standards and best practices, and using productivity and quality assurance tools such as McElroy’s DataLogger®, and the Vault™.

Some courses are 100% online and self-paced which allows students to learn on their own time through interactive and engaging content covering a full range of topics. Other classes are mix of online and in-person allowing students to learn the core concepts online and then follow that up with hands-on training to enhance their skillset.  In either case, the online courses serve as a resource that students can refer back to at a later time.

McElroy University students stand out from the competition in that the industry recognizes that these students participated in industry leading training that covers common industry standards, proper machine procedures, industry best practices, and educates students with the information and skills necessary to be highly successful on the jobsite.  Students that successfully pass operations, maintenance, or inspector courses receive industry-recognized, manufacturer-backed training credentials that are readily accepted throughout the world.

Whether online or in-person, McElroy University courses are designed and facilitated by McElroy Certified Instructors (MCIs) in Tulsa and throughout the world who have been specifically trained and authorized to provide McElroy University branded training.  For courses that result in a formal qualification, students who successfully complete a written/theory exam as well as a practical/hands-on exam receive an industry-recognized qualification credential that is valid for two years with requalification training available. 

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