Pit Bull® 618 is Polypropylene Powerhouse

The Pit Bull® 618 combines muscle with flexibility when fusing polypropylene pipe.

The Pit Bull 618’s carriage, heater, insulated heater stand, and Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) are all separate components, allowing them to be situated in various arrangements for flexibility in confined environments commonly encountered in the polypropylene fusion industry. Its carriage alone provides enough force to fuse medium-diameter pipe from 8 inches to 18 inches (200mm to 450mm).  

For situations where a wheeled- or track-mounted vehicle is needed, the Pit Bull 618 can be conveniently fitted onto McElroy’s wheeled or tracked vehicles.

To further boost adaptability in the field, the machine’s four-jaw carriage can easily be converted to a three-jaw carriage, providing an even more compact fusion unit.

Like many McElroy machines, the Pit Bull 618 offers Centerline Guidance, a balanced force system unique to McElroy machines.

Centerline Guidance ensures an equal distribution of force around the diameter of the pipe during fusion, resulting in an even, continuous bead formation and quality joint. In addition, the Pit Bull 618 is DataLogger® compatible, allowing operators to document and assess fusion joints on the go.

With its rugged reliability that’s at the core of all McElroy equipment, the Pit Bull 618 is engineered to meet – and exceed – the needs of the polypropylene fusion industry.

For more information, visit the Pit Bull 618’s Product Page.

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